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Clinically proven remedies crafted from pure, natural ingredients, using the knowledge of Ayurveda and advanced technology.

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Improve Your

Everyday Immunity

Fortify and strengthen your body with nature’s best anti-inflammatory.

All Natural

Pain Relief

Recover from muscle pain without worrying about addictive formulas.

Strengthen Your

Digestive Health

Restore balance to your gut and repair your digestion with the power of ginger.

Scientific Expertise

Dr. Manish Grover
Chief Executive Officer
The large team of scientists, researchers, and technical experts at Pureveda are constantly pushing the boundaries of science to extract the most from nature, taking inspiration from our Ayurvedic learnings.
Our patent-pending technologies are a testament to the advances we have made over the years.
PNS Technology Zeal Technology

Here, traditional Ayurveda & advanced science come together.

Nature knows best,
and with our latest technologies,
we are finally able to listen.

Pureveda's Unique PNS Technology for Enhanced Bioavailability

PNS technology

Patent Pending

Our unique PNS technology enables us to deliver bioactive ingredients in full spectrum.
Pureveda's Unique Zeal Technology for Enhanced Efficacy

Zeal technology

Patent Pending

Pureveda’s Zeal Technology enables us to derive natural compounds in stable powder liposomes for better absorption in the body and higher efficacy.

The more
you know,
the healthier
your choices.

What does
clean label mean?

It’s hard to trust a product that has too many ingredients you don’t know, can’t see, or haven’t tasted. Clean label products use no excipients and choose only safe, familiar, high-quality raw material. The labels are easy to read and hide absolutely nothing from you.

What is
full spectrum?

Every part of a plant has many different compounds, all in perfect balance. In the process of extraction, a few compounds can get lost, or result in imbalance. “Full spectrum” means that the product has extracted every bit of what the leaf, plant, or herb has to offer, with its natural balance correctly maintained.

Aurea Biolabs has 40 decades of expertise in natural extraction

Pureveda is a brand from Aurea Biolabs - one of the world’s leading nutraceutical experts with over 40 years of experience in the extraction, isolation, and formulation of bioactive ingredients and a long history of using sustainable, ethical, and traceable raw material sources.

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