10 patents in process
10+ Patents in Process

We are always doingsomething new.

Products crafted using traceable ingredients that are sustainably farmed
Traceable, Transparent

We know where every ingredient comes from, and so do you.

Globally sourced high quality ingredients
Global Sourcing

The best quality raw materials from 60+ countries.

World-class research and development team
50+ R&D Team

World-class scientific expertsthat have our back.

70+ scientific publications
70+ Scientific Publications

We work closely in accordance with the scientific community.

Safe, natural remedies that bring together Ayurveda and smart science.
A whole new
to wellness
The truth is, everything we need to be our healthiest selves already exists in nature. There is a gap between what Ayurveda has told us for generations and what science has made possible today. At Pureveda, all we do is bridge that gap, to ensure that everything nature has to offer is available to you. When we say pure, it extends to everything we do: from the ingredients we use and our scientific processes to our total honesty with you.
A blend of technical expertise and Ayurvedic wisdom.
Here is how we
walk the talk
Doctorates, multi-disciplinary postgraduate scientists, food application specialists, and chefs all come together to figure out: why should feeling well be complicated? Our research and development team, along with state-of-the-art laboratories, pilot-scale plants, and cutting-edge instrumentation, allow us to create products that make possible today what was unimaginable yesterday. Every single ingredient we use is sourced and farmed sustainably, undergoing various quality control checks before it is crafted into our products. Before each product finds its way to you, it has gone through several pre-clinical and clinical trials that have all signed off on its high efficacy.
Golden triangle full Created with Sketch. A yurvedic Concept Clinical Efficacy Drug delivery with novel technology
The Golden
Triangle Concept
Each of our products are developed in accordance with the unique Golden Triangle concept for product development, which utilizes renowned Indian traditional Ayurvedic remedies. The Golden Triangle is formed by three essential pillars:
  • An established Ayurvedic idea
  • Novel technology that can improve and enhance the delivery of the Ayurvedic idea, the combination of which leads to
  • Unmatched clinical efficacy for all our natural remedies.
Sustainable farming and community-driven initiatives.
Bringing together nature, technology and community,
the sustainable way.
Pureveda consistently sets new standards for sustainable business practices, paving the way for eco-friendly modes of operation. We work closely with farming communities for social development, ensuring farm to fork traceability. We have also made good ground in renewable energy and have been recognized in India for good environmental practices. Some of our crops include Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Red Beet & Black Carrot, Marigold, Red Chillies, Garlic, Lemongrass, and Davana.

Our Story

Aurea Biolabs is a Nutraceutical company that is promoted by Plant Lipids, a distinguished name in spices, with a rich legacy of over 40 years, catering to over a third of the global spice extract market. A strong presence in over 85 countries, with a task force of qualified scientists and experts, supported by a vast infrastructure of advanced facilities, makes Plant Lipids the world's largest producer of Natural Spice Extracts.