PNS technology

Patent Pending

Most natural molecules are neither soluble in water nor oil, which means that they do not dissolve easily in the gastrointestinal tract and cannot be efficiently absorbed. PNS is a process by which we scientifically “sandwich” the natural molecule between polar and non-polar molecules, where the polar makes it more water soluble and the non-polar makes it more oil soluble. This makes the natural molecule easily dissolvable in the intestinal tract and therefore increases its bioavailability. The PNS process also improves the stability of the natural molecule, ensuring that it retains its efficacy.

Zeal technology

Patent Pending

Natural molecules can be delivered in the form of liposomes, which protect the active nutrients in any natural compound from the body’s digestive enzymes and ensure that it effectively enters the bloodstream. Liposomes are most effective in a powder form as opposed to liquid, but the process of drying into a powder presents its own challenges, especially in retaining the core liposomal structure in powder form. With our proprietary Zeal Technology, we can overcome these challenges for the very first time. Zeal Technology stabilizes the structure of liposomes in powder, effectively encapsulating all bioactive molecules. The powder-based formulation ensures maximum efficacy, potency, and bioavailability with a highly efficient, targeted delivery system.